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Mostly, we treat effects,

and miss the causes. 

Physiology Reboot

Holistically addressing issues of internal function

and other unexplained problems.

Physiology Reboot is not intended to be a treatment for any “disease” as it is defined in orthodox Western medicine. Instead, it dismantles adaptations that keep the body and mind locked into cycles of stress. Elimination of adaptation results in the movement towards a more fundamental state of health, in which more of one’s inherent resources are available. 

ALLOSTASIS.  It means predictive control.  It means that our brain takes what has happened in the past, and prepares our physiology for more of the same. It means that what you are experiencing right now in your body is, in large measure, the outcome  of memories of  what happened to you in the past.  

The brain doesn't need much of a plan for the good stuff,  but when something bad is expected, it will alter function in advance, even if its predictions turn out to be wrong. And most are wrong, because they were established long ago to deal with situations that are not likely to occur again, at least not in the same way as before. Plus, we have more capacity now than we did then.  

For example, when stress is expected,  blood sugar and blood pressure are increased. If we have a history of trauma,  abuse,  neglect, or just lack of proper emotional support, we might go through life with our brain expecting more of the same, causing chemical imbalances in the body that have nothing to do with what we eat. Then we take drugs or nutrients to try to control the effect.

The "roadmap" of illness


The "roadmap" is a visual representation of a fraction of the interactions between our genetic foundation and our symptomatic health.  Mental, emotional, structural, emotional, and energetic factors interact, support, and compensate for each other in unpredictable ways.

But it gets more complex because infections, toxins, deficiencies, scars, electromagnetic fields from our devices, and other things are very real factors as well.  

Our biochemical and organ function is an ever-changing symphony of interacting parts. Laboratory tests can take a snapshot of what is going on at any particular moment,, but that's like taking a few screenshots out of a 2-hour movie; at best it can only hint at what's really going on. Even well-considered treatments are only educated guesses.

To be clear, there is a lot of good knowledge available, and we need to be aware of our lifestyle, including sufficient exercise. We need to take advantage of the bounty of foods available to us in the world as it is now, including fresh fruits and vegetables, berries, and plant proteins like nuts and seeds. Well-raised animal proteins and fish are also options for most people. At the same time, we need to avoid processed foods with added sugar and fructose.  One of the worst foods, which proliferates in refined foods, is seed oils

Using muscle testing, we can streamline the process of finding a good diet and getting on supplements that will be most helpful, but that is a separate process from Rebooting.

Physiology Reboot, as part of the holistic practice of The Sunya Way, reveals and eliminates memories that habitually drive the physiology into creating responses to the unpleasant future that the memories predict. As stated above, this is also known as allostasis, but it is also known in the processes of compensation and adaptation, which have very similar meanings. If you are not getting enough of a certain nutrient in your diet, your body tries to compensate or adapt by using other biochemical pathways to maintain function. 

But what if we were deficient of a nutrient in the past, but now have plenty in our diet? The brain might be stuck in the adaptation that began when we were deficient, and that adaptation might be disturbing our current responses to our environment. The brain, in other words, is holding a belief that it is deficient in a nutrient that is actually plentiful in our bodies.

This is the same thing that happens to us psychologically, when we believe we are lacking in a capacity that we actually have. We have all known (or have been) a capable person who believes they are not very good at something.  This is covered in Life-Mind Reboot. The same thing happens with muscles, when perfectly healthy muscles are inhibited, as we cover in Muscle Reboot

These factors are present and interacting in all of us, whether or not we are aware of any symptoms. The treatment of a stressed internal organ or system may call for structural, energetic, or emotional factors to be addressed.

As happens at each level, Physiology Reboot peels away the layers of adaptation that may be leading to symptoms. The onion is composed of layers of adaptations that may have built up around past or lingering infections, toxins and nutritional deficiencies along with habitual patterns of emotional activation, and structural and energetic changes as well. Expressed on the base of our particular genetic tendencies, these factors determine our physiological function, and the symptoms we are having.

Muscle testing is the only way that I know of to find and address these layers of dysfunction. 

Following the mind of the body

Muscle testing for supplements? 

Most of Western medicine is deductive, meaning that it can only be effective when the practitioner understands the problem.  While there are certainly good reasons to value science, deductive reasoning has severe limitations. 

For all that has been discovered about the body, far more is unknown. Out of all the substances our bodies produce and utilize, only a handful can be feasibly tested in a laboratory, and then there is debate about the results.

Practitioners themselves are limited in their knowledge, and when we add together the multiplicity of factors that go into our health — genetics, the microbiome (the billions of microorganisms that live in and on us that play a large role in our health), toxins and infections we might carry, the effects of our emotional states and the pre-existing adaptive patterns of our bodies — it is amazing that deductive reasoning can get us as far as it does at times. 

Despite using drug-free approaches and attempting to understand the actual physiological conditions of each patient, (and not simply treating the "disease") the same hindrances can apply to alternative practitioners.  

Other practices, like traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and ayurveda are inductive, reaching broad generalizations from specific observations. These kinds of practices are more holistic and may work by applying remedies that mobilize biological reserves to improve general well-being. They rely on intuitive judgment held and expressed in the language and symbolism of their art. 

Physiology Reboot does not rely on cognitive reasoning, though understanding of the process may arise from what is being discovered as it progresses. The logic is derived from the body itself, which reveals, step-by-step, where it is stuck or hung up.  Using muscle tests, the brain is allowed to express its innate biological drive for efficiency.  Outdated compensatory patterns are inefficient at best. The brain also wants to be rid of microorganisms and toxins that interfere with optimum function. When given an opportunity, it will choose what it needs.   

This is vitalistic or “quantum” healing, referring to the energetic qualities of both the body and of the nutrition we consume. Biological systems, animals, plants, and microbes, produce what are known as biophotons: minute but measurable emanations of light. Perceived by cells, this light may act as a form of information transfer. Biophoton emission also correlates to biologic processes and biologic functions and has been shown to change significantly when a system is under stress. [1–4]

Nutritional supplements then may be valued not just for their chemical properties, but also for their life force which activates biophotons and the energy and information they communicate to the body.  Where possible, we use nutrients that are not only validated based on their biochemistry, but also energetically validated by the purveyor of the nutrients using muscle testing. 


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