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What is The Sunya Way?

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What's in a healing paradigm?

Acupuncture, allopathy, Ayurveda,  chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathy, physical therapy, psychotherapy, and surgery are all healing paradigms. Each addresses particular realms of function or structure, has its own evaluations, treatments, expectations of what is possible, and even definitions of health vs. disease or imbalance.

You could do a year of chiropractic and your cataracts would still be there. Spend an hour with an eye surgeon though, and your vision is cleared, but your back wouldn’t be any better.

What makes BodyMind Rebooting different?

Though it uses familiar tools like chiropractic & other bodywork; acupuncture & other "energy" therapies; and nutritional supplements, Rebooting applies these tools mostly to eliminate outdated, conflicting, disorganized, or inaccurate information stored in the brain, not as they are natively used.

Neuroscience recently discovered how information (memories) may be erased from the brain, a natural, but rare attribute that is optimized by BodyMind Rebooting.

Like a computer, your brain is an information processing device that is programmed mostly by experience. The survival-based brain assumes that adverse experiences -- those beyond our ability to cope -- will occur again, and builds those predictions into preparations for a future that is expected to be a repetition of the past. We unconsciously expect the worst. 

Some of that learning is just part of the normal process of development. We learn, based on our particular family and social dynamics, how to be an "acceptable" person who "deserves" to be included and loved. While a child needs guidance, reflections of love are often sparse or conditioned on our outward behavior, not out of recognition of our true inner nature. Indeed, our caregivers likely were unfamiliar with their own inner nature, so how could they see ours?

How trauma runs our lives

Whether or not we would use the term "trauma", memories of pain, abuse, neglect, injuries, accidents, illness, and other stress we couldn't overcome obligate the brain to prepare us for more of the same. We shore up defenses simultaneously in mental, emotional, muscular, and physiological realms, defensively re-using old patterns of perception, interpretation, and activity.

For survival, the brain learns "bad stuff" more easily than good, and is compelled to expect the worst; better safe than sorry. This is true even if the memory being accessed was from when we were a naïve, defenseless, 6-year old. Our deep evolutionary instincts don't care about our self-esteem; they prefer us to be anxious or depressed instead of out of the gene pool.

When we perceive a need to be defended, we end up re-running stories from the past. In these narratives, it is as if we were still that 6-year-old. The people and situations around us take on the role of our parents, friends, bullies, siblings, teachers, religious dogmas, and cultural constraints, to name a few. The stories distort our minds and bodies, preventing us from seeing, experiencing and expressing the truth of who we really are. Our muscles and physiological postures also have their own versions of stories. The Sunya Way erases those outdated stories from our unconscious minds.

The Sunya Point

Sunya means zero in Sanskrit. Sunyata is the no-mind, in Buddhist tradition. Here, we are not referring to all thoughts, only to the conditioned, habitual mind, the "monkey mind" that is structured by the past.

The conditioned mind includes the conditioned body. Psychotherapy focuses on understanding our stories, or finding ways to cope or workarounds to their effects, but as long as they continue to live in our bodies, they are like malware running in the background, hiding the actual capacities and qualities that actually could bring us the feelings we crave. 

(BodyMind) ReBooting is the name for the whole method. It systematically targets and erases, with great specificity, the physical, mental, emotional and neurological levels of whatever story we focus on. When the story has been vanquished, a transformation of consciousness can occur, a profound state of relaxation and openness that we call the Sunya or zero-point. The Sunya Point naturally emerges when the trigger no longer activates old memories,

In that opening, a deeper level of Presence may become available, a direct awareness of parts of one's spiritual nature. These states arise differently each time for each individual In some traditions, they are known as Essential qualities. They are often felt as a substance or energy in the body that imparts feelings like strength, support, confidence, grounding, love, compassion, solidity, or value, to name a few.

in summary, The Sunya Way is information technology for the soul. It is are like an anti-malware app, systematically clearing the outdated information related to a particular physical problem or life issue.

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