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Jazz team chiropractor Craig Buhler describes how rebooting the muscles in  John Stockton's ankle allowed him to get back on the court in about 10 minutes after this injury...

A brief history of muscle rebooting … 
What I am calling muscle “rebooting” began in the 1960s. Michigan chiropractor George Goodheart had a patient who couldn’t get a factory job because he could not push his arm forward. When he tried, his shoulder blade wasn’t supported; it “winged” out. Goodheart rubbed some unusual nodules he found near the muscle that held the scapula in place, and immediately the young man had full use of his arm.

This was the birth of Applied Kinesiology (AK). Goodheart went on to discover that each muscle had its own set of reflex points and vertebra which, when treated would restore the strength of the muscle --  if it was weak. 

Where AK treated about 250 muscles around the body, in the late 1970’s, Oregon chiropractor Alan Beardall more than doubled that amount, establishing tests and finding the related treatments points for over 600 muscles and divisions. A student intern, Craig Buhler, assisted in the discovery process. In about 1979, Buhler became the team chiropractor for the NBA’s Utah Jazz, a position he held for over 20 years.  

The best evidence of the power of rebooting muscles comes from his time with the team.  Here are some of the highlights:


  • In 1998, The Jazz was the oldest team in the NBA. Yet, it was also the most injury-free, [1] its players missing only an astonishing 11 games that year. [2] For comparison, the league average is closer to 150 games missed to injuries per year. [3] Of those 11 games, Jazz player Jeff Hornacek missed 5, despite having lost his lateral meniscus, the cartilage that allows the knee to operate smoothly. [2] He was able to do that because following each game, Buhler would reboot the muscles.  

  • According to statistics later culled from NBA references, over a 15 year period from 1985-2000 Jazz players missed about 63 games per year, on average, well ahead of the rest of the league. [4, 5] 

  • Hall-of-famers John Stockton and Karl Malone were the least injured star players over the last 40 years. Both had exceptionally long careers, far longer than most NBA players, and with fewer injuries  [6] 

  • John Stockton publicly attributed his longevity to Buhler’s treatments on multiple occasions. [7–9] 

  • Testimonials from other NBA, NFL and Olympic athletes are found on Buhler’s site. 

  • The treatment of acute injuries is particularly striking. In the accompanying video, Buhler describes how Stockton was able to recover from what appeared to be a serious injury in 10 minutes. Jazz owner Larry Miller highly valued Buhler’s services, stating that if the treatment is offered right after the injury, the expected inflammation is headed off. [1] This defies everything we thought we knew about injuries. 


 Unfortunately, the AK community has not done the kinds of studies necessary to gain mainstream support for these methods, and mainstream medicine has no financial incentive to study these methods. After all, the condition of muscle inhibition does not exist anyway.    

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