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Is it really possible

to eliminate painful repetitive

thoughts, feelings, and emotions that

you thought would never go away, and even, perhaps, replace them with a profound sense of peace, confidence, strength, or self-acceptance regardless of where you started . ..



You don't know till you've tried it.


Organ and biochemical

functions, like our mind & muscles,

operate to support interaction with the

world, but where we can directly observe

our thoughts, feelings & movements, the

only window we have into our physiology is symptoms. Physiology Reboot holistically addresses everything that might be affecting internal function: including infections, toxins, & deficiencies, plus emotional, structural

and energetic issues.



You wouldn’t drive your

car with missing spark plugs, so why

add wear & tear and lose performance

when some of your muscles are missing in action? Injuries & stress turn off muscles. Even

unlimited exercise, & PT will not correct the weakness, but Muscle Reboot effortlessly corrects many muscles in a single session. 

Make an appointment for a free evaluation

and ½ off treatment today!




With the exception of the initial appointment for each area of the body receiving muscle rebooting, visits are charged by time.

Details about cost & scheduling for Muscle ReBooting

  • If you cannot find an appointment that fits your schedule, or you want some advice on the recommended visit length, contact me by phone or using the contact form below.

  • If you are a new patient, be sure to click the box for "New Patients" for a no-cost 15 minutes added to your visit.

  • Missed appointments will be charged the full price of the visit. Visits canceled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged $75.

  • Walk-ins not accepted.

Purchase a package, save up to 15%​

Ask about packages. You can purchase a package of 6 visits with a 15% savings using cash, check or payment services like Google Pay or Venmo. Savings is 12% for using credit or debit card to pay.

New Patient Form

Click here to fill out form online

It may be more secure to download the forms to fill out at home.

Fill them out online and print them out to bring in. (4 pages)

OR come in early and fill them out in the office.  


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