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Dr. Robert Weissfeld is a practitioner who:      

  • offers an atmosphere of nonjudgmental safety and support.

  • has blended the benefits of nearly 40 years of study and practice of various healing systems into a single, seamless system.

  • is gentle, intuitive, passionate, and patient, yet dedicated and persevering in exploring every avenue to get to the root of the issues or problems.

  • deeply trusts in the innate goodness, strength, and wholeness of each person, and is dedicated to bringing that into outer manifestation in each life he touches.


Dr. Robert ’s focus is on holistic treatment, which means addressing the full spectrum of the factors that may affect health and well being. This includes the structural, biochemical, electromagnetic, and emotional aspects of the individual. He blends an extensive array of techniques using muscle testing as a window into the needs of the individuals that he works with.

Dr. Robert grew up in New York City. He did undergraduate work at Queens College in NY, majored in music (jazz bass) at York University in Toronto, and graduated from Texas Chiropractic College outside of Houston, TX. in 1984.

Robert has training and studied a method of treating issues of learning, attention, head trauma, and memory as part of LEAP- Learning Enhancement, Advanced Program. He studied Neural Therapy, a diagnostic and treatment regimen that originated in Germany with Dietrich Klinghart MD and Louisa Williams ND.  It specializes in the treatment of disturbance patterns that have usually arisen from trauma that may be causing local or distant symptoms. He has studied the neurophysiology of emotion, trauma and addiction. 

Dr. Robert's core training in muscle testing techniques came through  Alan Beardall, from 1981 through his death in 1987. He has continued to investigate the complexities of muscle function, becoming certified in AMIT (Advanced Muscle Integration Technique) in 2013. ꙨMethod, evolved by blending all of these methods into an integrated whole. It includes:

Chiropractic: The spine is the transmission line from the brain to the body. Body tensions and muscle imbalances distort the spine, disturbing the transmission of neural impulses to and from the brain. While there is nothing like a good, old-time chiropractic adjustment, gentle low-force techniques are often used as well. 

Acupuncture & other energy therapies: As part of the brain's strategy to protect itself and compensate for current stresses and old adaptations, energies are chronically rerouted to or away from organs and limbs. Under or over-energized areas are prone to pain, injury and dysfunction. Free flow of energy is crucial to the elimination of compensation patterns. Most of the treatment applies painless, no-needle approaches like microcurrent or soft laser.

Other natural therapies offered include nutritional therapies which apply herbs, vitamins and other supplements to address toxicity, dysbiosis, (imbalance of microorganisms in the body) and restore health of organs.  Also used are various myofascial therapies, cranio-sacral therapy, therapeutic laser, biofeedback, and neural therapy. 

Dr. Weissfeld is a longtime student of the Diamond Approach, a spiritual work school that blends personal psychological exploration with deep spiritual practice. The Diamond Approach have informed both the practice of (BodyMind) ReBooting and the understandings which have been expounded throughout this website. 


I'm doctor Robert Weissfeld

I specialize in "information technology for the soul". 

For nearly 40 years, I have been seeking faster,

easier, and more lasting ways to heal. 

This resulted in the emergence of a new healing

paradigm, The Sunya Waytm

The Sunya Way uses familiar natural healing methods like chiropractic, kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine, muscle therapies, herbs & nutrition in new ways. Uniquely, it re-activates your 

Neurobiological Resource Capacities

innate qualities you need to feel on top of life.  

The Sunya Way seeks out and erases bad information.

Its a clean reboot for your 

mind, muscles, organs & spiritual awareness.

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