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The Sunya Way: a unique 5-in-1 healing method

that works even when nothing else has worked.


1: "Effortless Rehab" of pain, athletic & other injuries.

  • Neck, back, hips, knees, ankles, feet, shoulders, TMJ, hands   

  • Restoration of athletic performance following recovery. 

2: "Trauma to Tranquility" resolves inner pain & conflict.

  • Rapid turnaround of repetitive patterns related to trauma,    abuse, grief, self-sabotage, betrayal, relationship issues, etc.

3: Nutritional healing for organs, glands, and metabolism

4: Re-connect to essential biological & spiritual resources  

  • Direct experience of these fundamental states are key to the realization of your full potential.    

5: Facilitation of spiritual awakening

  • Practiced together, these methods zero out your nervous system's habitual addiction to maintaining ego defenses.          Reaching sunya (the zero point), we may naturally slip into awareness of aspects of our spiritual Essence.  


 No-mind; zero; openness; freedom, awakening.

Often pronounced ('shunya')


Outdated information imprinting brain, muscles thoughts, emotions, & organs. Known & unknown   physical, mental &  emotional hurts, injuries, stress & trauma, that bury or obscure your True Nature.

True Nature: 

Inborn spiritual and biological wisdom, capacities & resources re-discovered; strength, power, peace, love, intuition, grounding, heart, courage, flow, energy, solidity, transparency ... 

The more we access these capacities & qua-lities, the more we manifest who we really are.

The Sunya State: 

The zero-point; the nervous system ceases its endless fight, the mind quiets, the body relaxes. Your body may be filled with fiery strength, sweet comforting honey, buzzing energy. You feel grounded, supported. You rest in confidence, calm, peace and contentment,

for no reason at all. 

muscles rebooted

energetic flexible

you move on pain gone

Power from Peace

Strength from Calmness

Confidence from Presence

Support from just Being

Here's the real problem: 

"Our brains are great at learning but terrible at forgetting." 

Imagine running a computer for decades without getting rid of outdated programs and data, and never rebooting. Imagine that this computer is also

infected with malware. The computer is operating on


The Sunya Way: 

A healing approach uniquely focused on eliminating

outdated information that imprints and distorts

our thoughts, emotions, muscles & organs. 

The fastest, deepest recovery possible from

injuries, pain, guilt, shame, greif, loss, trauma, breakdowns, breakups by

restoration or discovery of the  inner qualities that truly sustain you.


I'm doctor Robert Weissfeld. 

I specialize in "information technology for the soul". 

For nearly 40 years, I have been seeking faster,

easier, and more lasting ways to heal. 

This resulted in the creation of 

The Sunya Way tm

an anti-malware & clean-up app for your brain.

The Sunya Way uses common natural healing methods like chiropractic, kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine, muscle therapies, herbs & nutrition in new ways. Uniquely, it re-activates the Neurobiological Resource Capacities you need to 

It seeks out and erases bad information.

It provides a clean reboot for your mind, body & spirit.

The Sunya Way thinks outside the box to take you out of your box. 

It can work, even when nothing else has worked.

The Sunya Way is 3 kinds of healing in 1:

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 Efffortless Rehab

Muscle reboots, chiropractic, acupuncture & more addresses pain, performance, and injury recovery & prevention. 



"The spiritual solution" for emotional pain, fear, confusion, overwhelm, self-esteem, relationship issues etc., even if the  source is  unknown.


   Q4D Healing 

Addresses unexplained problems of all kinds, including

issues of organs and tissues &

internal function

* "Spiritual" means fundamental. It relates to inherent or innate function, our True Nature. Millions of years of evolution has given our body capacities that can support us. When they  can take over  We have an innate intelligence, in the body, but also in the action of which emotional pain, fear, confusion, overwhelm, self-esteem, relationship issues etc., even if the  source is  unknown.

The Sunya Way "reboots" your mind, body & spirit

Information Technology for the soul?

OK,  not warm and comforting like chicken soup, at first glance at least.

Instead, it's like comparing an encyclopedia to an internet search,

a CD player to Netflix, or Newtonian to quantum physics. 

“I.T. for the soul” is a new healing paradigm; 

the philosophy behind

The Sunya Way

How does The Sunya Way work?

Your brain is an information processing device.

The expression of your mind and body 

mostly depends on the information it holds.


Erase the misinformation, and things can 

immediately work again, as they were "designed" to.

Stuff happens.

We cope,


adapt and


Adaptation is the brain's capacity to change the way our body and mind function in order to meet changes in the physical, social, and biochemical environment.  Adaptation is crucial to survival.

​The problem is, adaptations tend to be learned, retained past the point at which they are no longer needed. They become impediments to good function, maladaptive.

The Sunya Way is a healing method that centrally focuses on eliminating maladaptation that affects the mind, muscles, and metabolic function. 

The Sunya Way addresses the entire soul -- body, mind, and spirit.

The Sunya Way is three seemingly different therapies in one. It applies familiar holistic tools like chiropractic, acupuncture, and other natural, drug-free approaches in surprising new ways.

The Ꙩ (zero-point) is the moment of reboot, when the old maladaptive pattern has been deleted. The aspect of ourselves that was targeted by the treatment has been "returned to original factory settings."

Erasing muscle dysfunction to elim-inate pain, maximize performance


Effortless Rehab

your fastest recovery ever

The Sunya Way is easiest to understand as it applies to working with muscles after an injury.

As the result of an injury, the muscles or movements which were involved in the injury become distrusted by the brain, which stops using those muscles to plan and undertake future movements. This "avoidance learning" -- information stored in the brain -- results in joints operating with only some of their muscles engaging. 

Science has recently demonstrated that memories are erasable. The Sunya Way takes advantage of that fact. It systematically targets and erases the information that caused the muscles to stop working. This

"reboots" the muscles, often ending the pain as well.

Applications of this therapy immediately after injuries suggest that the pain we feel after an injury may be caused by the brain warning us away from using those muscles.

With awareness of their secret, seemingly “miraculous” healings can now be known as applications of the science and art of “unlearning”.

Trauma memory is like malware or a computer virus, infecting the brain with disruptive information. ꙨMethod is the anti-malware app. Applied to muscles, The Sunya Way is known as Effortless Rehab.

Treatment of any musculoskeletal condition begins with rebooting the muscles in the area of complaint.  Otherwise, it's like trying to tune up a car with a missing spark plug; it will never run properly.

Discovering the "freedom to be" by eliminating outdated ideas of self



Trauma to Tranquility

Method gets more complex in its treatment of emotional suffering, but the same basic concept applies: erasing the memories (the outdated information) that is often its cause.

Most emotional suffering comes from our ego, the indescribable sense of who and what we are that determines most of what we think, feel and do. The ego is built around old learning, much of it from early childhood, before we could even think in words.

Painful feelings like shame, anger helplessness, hopelessness anxiety, and so on, all expressions of your ego's inherent limitations, are experienced as activations of the body. Method precisely neutralizes that activity.

Without the body's feedback, the outdated unconscious thoughts and beliefs of the ego simply cease. They are, in effect, gently erased. The experience of yourself is "rebooted" without those feelings and negative thoughts that accompany them. A part of your ego has been unlearned.

What arises its place is an experience of what is true in you;  inherent biological and spiritual qualities like peace, strength, solidity, confidence, grounding, autonomy, compassion love which had been buried under the obsolete expressions of ego. 

Most therapies treat the memories and activities that sustain the ego as a story that must be "understood". 

Inquiry, as this method Is known, treats them as outdated information, just old files on a computer that can be deleted. It's an anti-malware app for the mind. Understanding may still come, but it is not the transformative factor.  

Because the memories are actually erased, these qualities may become more available on an ongoing basis. The changes are immediate, deep, and permanent. 

Holistically heals your body, organs

& unexplained issues. 


Q4D Healing

True holistic healing

The information processing that runs internal processes of organs and the endocrine system is not as easily targeted as muscles and emotions.

The immune and biochemical systems of the body are in continual flux, interacting with the microbiome, the billions of non-human cells that populate our bodies. All this activity exists to serve the larger needs of us as an organism trying to survive in the world. In total, these interactions are too complex to imagine.

Method is, at each step, responding to the needs of the body. When used to navigate these impenetrable systems, it is known as Quantum 4 Dimensional (Q4D) Healing.  Q4D brings together four dimensions of healing in one highly flexible system:

1) The structural aspects of function. When muscles and bones are not moving properly, inaccurate signals are sent to the brain causing non-attuned responses, the flow of blood and lymph may be adversely affected along with tension and pain in the body.​

2) The energetic flows of the body are subservient to attempts of the body to maintain balance.​

3) The biochemical, which may be addressed with high quality herbal and nutritional supplements.

4) Unlearning of outdated information, which may ultimately be the factor that keeps us stuck in repetitive, unyielding patterns.

Effortless Rehab, ꙨInquiry and Q4D Healing all use the same healing technology, deconstructing the obsolete repetitive patterns of mind and body that cause pain, 

suffering and ill health. It is how that technology is targeted that makes the difference. 

The Sunya Way is 21st-century healing, a product of the information age.

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