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Your mind & body can resolve more in a single session

than used to be possible in one year . . . or ever.

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BodyMind Rebooting

The future of

mind-body medicine

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Is it really possible

to eliminate painful repetitive

thoughts, feelings, and emotions that

you thought would never go away, and even, perhaps, replace them with a profound sense of peace, confidence, strength, or self-acceptance regardless of where you started . . 


You don't know till you've tried it.

Organ and biochemical

functions, like our mind & muscles,

operate to support interaction with the

world, but where we can directly observe

our thoughts, feelings & movements, the

only window we have into our physiology is symptoms. Physiology Reboot holistically addresses everything that might be affecting internal function: including infections, toxins, & deficiencies, plus emotional, structural

and energetic issues.



You wouldn’t drive

your car with half inflated tires,

so why add wear & tear on your body

and lose performance when up to half of

your muscles aren't working right?

Injuries & stress turn off muscles.

Even unlimited exercise, & PT will not correct

the weakness, but Muscle Reboot effortlessly corrects many muscles in a single session. 

Make an appointment for a free evaluation

and ½ off treatment today!



Denver Holistic Chiropractic

The Sunya Way (TSW) cannot be understood based on what you think you know about healing.

There is no behavior, from walking or driving, to picking up a fork to digesting your food, and nothing that you perceive, think, feel, or say, and no relationship that you have, that is not built on memories.

Much of our physical or emotional pain is built on maladaptive or traumatic memories, memories that predict negative outcomes and prepare our mind and body for those negative outcomes.

Our minds and bodies operate based on often outdated models of the world, though some models work better than others. Some psychotherapeutic practices partially understand this, and spiritual inquiry and meditation can, over years, wear down maladaptive memories. Until now however, no therapy has existed that systematically accesses and erases learned patterns of muscle, mental, or metabolic imbalance that form our painful, dysfunctional responses to the world.

TSW accesses and erases contradictory, outdated, and inaccurate information from the brain. This co-optive information obscures our inherent, biological (physical and interactional) and spiritual capacities. With these capacities freed, health  ease of mind and body ‒ naturally ensues.

TSW uses muscle testing to uncover these memories, and to coordinate treatments that come from chiropractic, myofascial therapy, acupuncture, reflex point therapies, and other non-invasive mind-body therapies. This systematically erases maladaptive muscle, mental, and metabolic patterns that are the cause of the specific symptoms you are encountering.

Body tissues may also need care. While eliminating maladaptive memories is a large part of restoration of health, resulting in elimination of many kinds of symptoms, things unrelated to maladaptive learning like infections, toxins, nutritional deficiencies and neurological and anatomical damage and degeneration can still play a role, more for some than for others. These kinds of problems interact with and may even create further maladaptive memories.

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. . . your MUSCLES (and joints) recover in ways

that would be unimaginable from the view of other methods.

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

. . . your SOUL transforms from

suffering to serenity, far beyond

the expectations of even years

of meditation or therapy. 

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The Sunya Way is information technology for your soul.

Not as warm-fuzzy as chicken soup, but far more effective.

It is like an anti-malware & disk clean-up app for your mind & body.

New holistic technology systematically searches out and deletes outdated viral algorithms (unconscious habits) that cause chronic psychological, muscular, and physiological dysfunction, giving you

Life-Mind ReBoot, Muscle ReBoot, and Physiology ReBoot.

To address each area, the same holistic ReBooting technology

is used in different ways to focus on your primary issue.  

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Here's the problem: 

"Our brains are great at learning but terrible at forgetting." 

Imagine running a malware-infected computer for decades, without 

updating or rebooting. The computer is operating on



I'm doctor Robert Weissfeld.

Over the last 40 years, I have been

investigating the concept of  

"information technology for the soul". 

This search has resulted in faster, easier, and

more lasting ways to recover, and the paradigm of  

The Sunya Waytm

It's like an anti-malware & clean-up app for your brain.

I use familiar natural methods like chiropractic,

kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine,

muscle therapies, herbs & nutrition in new ways.

Uniquely, this method re-activates your 

SAPIENCE Capacities,

innate biological qualities required to feel on top of life.  

(BodyMind) ReBooting "surgically" erases

bad information from your brain.

It's a clean reboot for your 

mind, muscles, organs & spiritual awareness.

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"ReBooting" is much more than 

just a clever rebranding

of something you already know. 

(BodyMind) ReBooting is a whole new way of thinking about healing. It brings a new understanding of health and dis-ease (not disease, collections of findings that turn people into patients).

ReBooting is the elimination of outdated information from the brain

that causes your mind and body to malfunction.

This is called informational healing,

the erasure of co-optive information from the brain. 

Co-optive information is outdated, inaccurate, conflicting, or disruptive

information that interferes with the function of your mind, muscles & organs. 

  • Co-optive information is the primary cause of psychological pain and suffering, low self-esteem, anxiety, chronic sadness or anger, self-defeating behavior, and so on. Psychological pain is addressed in Life-Mind ReBooting.

  • Co-optive information is a major cause or aggravator of musculoskeletal symptoms, injuries, and poor performance These issues are addressed in Effortless Rehab (Muscle ReBooting)

  • Co-optive information is almost always a part of physiological issues, issues of our organs and endocrine system. Physiology ReBooting addresses issues of the inner body, and other unexplained issues.  

Overall, however, each variation uses the same basic

holistic technology and philosophy in a different way. 

The Sunya Way is a healing paradigm or philosophy

that brings new concepts into existence. 

  • Informational healing eliminates co-optive information from the brain. These beliefs can be conscious, like 'I am a good/bad person', or they can be unconscious, like when the use of a particular muscle becomes associated with a past trauma,  causing it to be avoided even though it is healthy. or chronic expectation of stress that causes high blood pressure.

  • Information erasure is based on sound scientific theory

  • Co-optive beliefs, once erased, do not need to be replaced by "new " or "better" beliefs because their elimination can bring to the surface our true ReSources and Essential aspects.  

  • "Instinctual ReSource capacities" are part of our innate biological heritage, all the capacities needed to interact and succeed in the world of people and things. 

  • "Essence" is the name for a way of directly experiencing universal or "spiritual" consciousness. Co-optive information blocks us from directly experiencing consciousness in this way. The moment in which the mind quiets and the nervous system stops using the past to define the present (the Sunya (or zero) Point), many people spontaneously experience Essential aspects of their true nature. 

  • Together, the availability (and perhaps direct experience) of ReSources and Essential aspects provides a base for free and easy function. Overall, ReBooting is the removal of blocks to direct experience of your biological and spiritual nature.  

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Addressing the mind

to heal the body

Addressing the body

to heal the mind

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Click to Open 

Map of The Sunya Way

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Muscle ReBoot


chiropractic, acupuncture &  more for pain, performance, and injury recovery & prevention. 


Life-Mind ReBoot

"The spiritual solution" for emotional pain, fear, confusion, overwhelm, self-esteem, relationship issues etc., even if the source is  unknown.

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Physiology  ReBoot

Addresses body energy and function, including unexplained problems of internal function; organs, tissues, infections & toxins

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