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The Sunya Way: a unique 3-in-1 healing method

that works even when nothing else has worked.


1: "Effortless Rehab" of pain, athletic & other injuries.

  • Neck, back, hips, knees, ankles, feet, shoulders, TMJ, hands 

  • Unique muscle rebooting instantly restores muscle balance  

  • Restoration of athletic performance following recovery. 

2: "Trauma to Tranquility", resolves inner pain & conflict.

  • Rapid turnaround of repetitive patterns related to trauma,    abuse, grief, self-sabotage, betrayal, relationship issues, etc.

3: Internal (Q4D) healing for organs, glands, & metabolism

Re-connect to essential biological & spiritual resources  

Direct experience of these fundamental states are

key to the realization of your full potential.    

Facilitation of spiritual awakening

Practiced together, these methods zero out your nervous system's habitual addiction to maintaining ego defenses.          Reaching sunya (the zero point), we may naturally slip into awareness of aspects of our spiritual Essence.  

Effortless Rehab?


That makes about as much sense as jumbo shrimp or civil war,

as those who've been through the grind of rehab will attest,

but it gets even stranger . . .


Effortless Rehab treats a condition that:

  • doesn't officially exist . . .

      (despite over 50 years of investigations in medical literature), 

  • . . . yet, it's so common, it would be considered an epidemic 

      (if it did officially exist), 

  • is considered irreversible by researchers . . .

  • . . . yet, was successfully reversed in the NBA for over 20 years (leading to the least injured team in the league, probably ever),

  • and, it can be caused by injuries, pain, emotional & biochemical stress (and who doesn't have these, sometimes?) 


This condition causes muscle and joint imbalances that lead to:

  • pain in any area of the body from the jaw to fingers and toes

  • conditions like plantar fasciitis,  shin splints, runners knee, tennis elbow, and unnamed or unexplained conditions as well,

  • greater risk of injuries of all kinds

  • osteoarthritis, down the road

  • reduced athletic performance


Reversing this (irreversible) condition can:

  • take care of fresh injuries in an "impossibly" short time

  • eliminate conditions where nothing else has worked

  • maximize your performance

  • get you back to work or play

  • save you weeks of difficult rehab time

  • save you hundreds of $$$ or more

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