The Sunya Way: a unique 3-in-1 healing method

that works even when nothing else has worked.


1: "Effortless Rehab" of pain, athletic & other injuries.

  • Neck, back, hips, knees, ankles, feet, shoulders, TMJ, hands 

  • Unique muscle rebooting instantly restores muscle balance  

  • Restoration of athletic performance following recovery. 

2: "Trauma to Tranquility", resolves inner pain & conflict.

  • Rapid turnaround of repetitive patterns related to trauma,    abuse, grief, self-sabotage, betrayal, relationship issues, etc.

3: Internal (Q4D) healing for organs, glands, & metabolism

Re-connect to essential biological & spiritual resources  

Direct experience of these fundamental states are

key to the realization of your full potential.    

Facilitation of spiritual awakening

Practiced together, these methods zero out your nervous system's habitual addiction to maintaining ego defenses.          Reaching sunya (the zero point), we may naturally slip into awareness of aspects of our spiritual Essence.  

Dr. Robert Weissfeld

2055 S. Oneida St.

Suite 300

Denver, CO 80224


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